The Name Might be Unfamiliar, but FUNAI is Everywhere.

Funai Microfluidic Solutions (FMS) provides custom thermal jetting solutions. From design, to materials, to manufacturing, Funai creates technology to meet our partner’s needs. Through dynamic partnerships, Funai matches technologies to partner applications and if existing technologies do not fit, Funai’s capabilities include custom design, material selection, and full production manufacturing.

From cradle to grave development or improvements on existing products, Funai workflows are designed to create solutions.

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Funai focuses on the research and development of thermal inkjet microfluidics for specialty printing, life sciences, and consumer applications. With hundreds of printing-related patents, Funai is recognized as a top-tier microfluidic designer and manufacturer with scaling capabilities to partner with global industries.

The name might be unfamiliar, but Funai is everywhere.

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Commercial & Industrial

From fast moving consumer goods to industrial marking, C&I applications and products span a wide range. See how Funai handles these challenges.

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Life Sciences

Biology, technology, and medicine merge to create 21st century therapies. Learn about Funai’s disruptive solutions to common challenges.

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Funai establishes partnerships with top organizations, ranging from Fortune 50 packaging companies to agile technology firms. Partner with Funai to jet life into your idea.

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Physics, chemistry, and material sciences combine; enabling Funai to develop unique technologies to jet makeup, metal, fragrances, and living cells. Learn how Funai can jet your fluids.

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Custom Development

Microfluidic jetting isn’t limited to inkjet printing and Funai excels at pushing boundaries. Specialized tooling, knowledge, and experience come together to develop the perfect solution.

What application can Funai develop for you?

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From design to materials to manufacturing, Funai creates technology.

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