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All products start somewhere. When it comes to microfluidics, new products start at Funai. With a strong heritage in thermal inkjet technology, Funai is pushing the boundaries of high precision jetting. R&D efforts have expanded the jetting portfolio from ink to include makeup, metal, fragrances, and living cells.

What can we jet for you?

Lab computers

Semiconductor Design

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(Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems)

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Complex lab equipment for printhead integration

Printhead Integrations

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Systems Integration

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Funai’s proprietary complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process is suited to provide cost efficient chips for a wide range of applications, including single use devices. Unique processes give Funai the capability to design digital and analog circuits and enables fabrication of thin film resistor elements to facilitate thermal nucleation of fluids. The design, layout, and simulation of custom integrated circuits is done using standard EDA tools. Designs are fabricated using external foundry partners and fully tested at the wafer level prior to integration.

Detail shot of a semiconductor
Detail shot of a blue colored metal plate related to Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

(Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems)

Photolithography, for the construction of nozzle ejectors and chambers, is an essential part of any Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) application. Lithography based processes enable the formation of precision alignment and high-resolution features. Through material customization and selection, MEMS based nozzle plate technology and ejector design must satisfy numerous functional requirements. These requirements include:

Fluid Compatibility
Critical Dimension Control
Optical Properties
Process Handling

A printhead cartridge is comprised of numerous components. Each of these components undergoes testing for compatibility with various liquids including aqueous fluids, solvent-based fluids, make-up, and essential oils. After components pass the necessary tests and processes are defined, Funai integrates custom and standard equipment into:

Working Prototypes
Semi-auto, Small Volume Production
High Volume, Fully Automated Production
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Technician working with a 3d Printer

Funai starts with a wholistic system approach to integrating thermal inkjet technology into a fluid delivery system. Rapid prototyping and in-house assembly capabilities can quickly aid customers in bringing design ideas to life. Extensive knowledge in additive manufacturing promotes rapid fabrication and testing of new designs in a GMP setting (if required).

Funai can recommend or develop fluids for numerous applications or characterize your fluid’s physical properties for optimal jetting. The heart of the thermal inkjet microfluid delivery system is the design of the ejector-nozzle-heater system. Utilizing a proprietary modeling system, called FEAJet, thermal fluid ejector design efficiently targets detailed process requirements tailored to your application.

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