Funai has a long history of developing profitable partnerships within the technology marketplace utilizing thermal jetting. Whether its contract manufacturing for companies like Lexmark and Kodak or solving complex cartridge and formulation challenges for a Fortune 50 consumer package goods client, Funai possesses the expertise and experience to create partner solutions.

Innovation Through Partnerships

Throughout our history, Funai has strived to be more than just a vendor for a company’s project or product.  Our goal is to foster trust between the organizations, with Funai contributing substantial knowledge, expertise, and resources to deliver the most innovative solution, just like a true partner should.  Leveraging Funai’s extensive experience, these partnerships result in clients realizing a significant reduction in their development time as well as project costs.

Catalina logo

Catalina Marketing chose Funai as the new printer hardware and cartridge partner for printing promotional coupons at mass retailer’s checkout lanes.  With a strong printing heritage, Funai was able to design and build new technologies for Catalina to deliver a more cost-effective solution for their clients.  This innovative achievement resulted in Funai creating several new patents for thermal jetting devices (cartridges and printers) as well as the highest yield CMY cartridge in the market today.

Several printers printing on receipt size paper
Primera Technology logo

After seeing Funai’s innovative approach to thermal jetting technology, Primera Technologies made a strategic decision to transform its entire printer line by adopting Funai’s technology and displacing their previous provider.  With Funai’s ability to design new and innovative technology as well as provide technical specifications, Primera can develop new products in existing and underserved markets, even ones that taste good!

Partnering Has Its Advantages

Funai offers many ways to partner.  Whether it’s consulting on an existing project or a new idea that needs full scale design, testing, and production, by working together, organizations soon learn why Funai is the right partner.  The possibilities are endless and the more creative the better.  Funai’s engineering team relishes the challenge of innovating an idea into reality.  Regardless of providing client customers with money saving coupons or making skin look and feel better, the goal is the same; make a difference that matters.  

Someday these differences will be lifesaving.

A Fortune 50 CPG company came to Funai with a formulation challenge that was causing their existing serum to separate.  With extensive knowledge and experience in formulating liquids for thermal jetting, Funai’s engineers created a serum that would not separate over time, which resulted in a consistent formulation for the company’s make-up application.  With the success of creating a new serum, an agreement to partner was reached to provide the Fortune 50 company with design, testing, and production services leveraging Funai’s experience and innovation.

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Vendor or Partner

Which would you prefer?  To work with some of the world’s top companies in specific industry segments is a great privilege, one that Funai does not take for granted.  Let us know how we can help with your project regardless of what stage it’s in or if you need a design and production partner.


• Aqueous 3 color

• 1,200 dpi

• 2/3” Swath

Juno GMP

• Aqueous 3 Color

• 1,200 dpi

• 2/3” Swath

Lotus DXL Color

• Aqueous 3 color

• 1,200 dpi

• 1/4” Swath

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