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Funai’s proprietary thermal jetting technology delivers precise volumes of live cells, aqueous solutions, and non-aqueous solutions ranging from picoliter (pL) to microliter (µL) amounts. Repurposing thermal jetting technology miniaturizes processes, which drastically lowers the equipment total cost of ownership, increases testing accuracy, and shortens return on investment.

Funai’s chip design dispenses up to 4 reagents with different viscosities and physical properties simultaneously. With volumes as low as 24 pL, miniaturization of cell-based assays, qPCR, and dose response studies can:

Reduce costs up to 10X
Reduce environmental impact
Transform workflows into a high throughput screening platform
Reduce testing materials, ideal for rare cell samples
Enable testing for a wider array of variables
Complex lab equipment
Cell structures

Utilize Funai’s technology to gently dispense mammalian cells with a viability comparable to pipetting. Miniaturization of cell-based assays onto microarrays or biosensors greatly reduces the cost per experiment.

The Funai 2-dimensional engine can be programmed to dispense on custom geometries such as glass slides, microarrays, and biosensors in addition to 96 and 384 well plates.

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