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Commercial and Industrial (C&I) applications cover a wide spectrum. Be it fast moving consumer goods, construction materials, or food production, marking and coding remains a necessary function to provide traceability for products in the market. Expiration dates, lot and manufacturing text, custom graphics, and point of sale barcodes simplify adherence to product safety regulations while providing valuable marketing data. In some cases, this coding is required by law.

By partnering with fluid manufacturers, Funai develops best-in-class technologies for high resolution printing on a wide variety of high-speed, high-throughput applications. With the launch of the Zion and Carmel solvent cartridges that jet inks up to ½” (12mm), applications formerly reserved for low-resolution Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers are now accessible to thermal ink printing. Bulk thermal delivery products ensure that uptime, total cost of ownership, and ease of use surpass rival print technologies, with the exception that thermal printing is truly high-resolution.

What challenge can Funai solve for you?

At approximately twice the throw distances of the competition, Zion and Carmel solvent cartridges accurately print 300dpi text, images, and barcodes at up to ½” (12mm) from the substrate. With the extended throw distance, high resolution printing becomes possible on recessed or curved surfaces. Utilizing bulk delivery, the Carmel cartridge’s total cost of operation is equal to, or less than normal CIJ printing in most applications.

Unlike CIJ and laser, thermal jetting does not need to slow down to print high resolution.

Example of ink printing on pvc and plastic lids
Example of ink printing on sheen cardboard

With up to twice as many nozzles, Funai cartridges double the speed or resolution of the competition.* In the case of bulk delivery, more nozzles means longer cartridge life.

With a cartridge speed of 24kHz, product lines speeds can approach an extremely fast 400fpm (~120m/min) at 300 horizontal DPI up to 800fpm(~240m/min) at 150 horizontal dpi per cartridge. Two rows of 320 nozzles divide the printing workload to ensure that fluids do not constrain maximum printing speeds

*Excludes Zion and Carmel.

No two printing surfaces are created equal. Due to diverse packaging and coding needs, substrates vary from porous (absorbent) paper and cardboard, to non-porous plastics, metals, and glass. This diversity ensures that designing a single fluid to be compatible with all substrates is not possible.  

Funai’s product line of cartridges span a wide range of material compatibilities. From water-based (aqueous) inks, to inks that include harsh solvents, Funai has a product to jet the perfect codes for the application. For products manufactured in regulated food and pharma facilities, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) products are also available. If the application substrate changes, adapting is as simple as changing the single use cartridge. No cleanup required.

Example of printing on sheen cardboard

Coated Paper

Example of ink printing on stretch plastic

Plastic Bottles

Example of printing on metal


Example of printing on wood

Wood/Building Materials

Example of printing on eggs



• Print Gap: up to ½”

• Solvent Compatible

• 300 dpi

• ½” Swath

Zion Bulk

• Print Gap: up to ½”

• Bulk Solvent Compatible

• 300 dpi

• ½” Swath


• Aqueous

• 600 dpi

• ½” Swath

Bryce 1.0

• Light solvent

• 600 dpi

• ½” Swath

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