Funai Lexington Technology Corporation (FLTC) is a wholly owned subsidy of Funai Electric Co., LTD. (Osaka, Japan). As a legacy division of IBM and Lexmark, Funai employees individually average over 19 years of microfluidic design, application, and commercialization experience. Funai designs and manufactures a wide array of products utilizing in-house microfluidic technology.

Detailed photo of the Funai Timeline related to the sale from IBM to Lexmark to Funai
(~200M; 1000 Patents, R&D Assets, Fabrication and Manufacturing Assets Globally)

The unique combination of expertise in microfluidics, chemistry, materials, and integrated circuit design enables Funai to engineer total solutions (design, integration, services, and manufacturing) for a wide variety of applications spanning the industrial, commercial, consumer and life science spaces. Jetting technologies are not only limited to printing. Biomedical dispensing, and sensory engagement such as smell and taste, are all within the realm of possibility.

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