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With a focus on the design, development, and commercialization of intelligent microfluidic systems, Funai Life Sciences (FLS) aims to disrupt and revolutionize the Life Science Industry by creating highly sensitive fluid delivery devices that range from benchtop R&D to portable diagnostic and personalized health delivery systems.

To those that joined us on Thursday, April 21st for a collaborative webinar showing the new Gilson Digital Dispenser, THANK YOU! If our dispenser would be a value to your processes, we encourage you to register for the Early Adopter Program (EAP). As part of the EAP, you receive a starter kit to use for 60 days in exchange for feedback on operation and use.

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Funai leverages our 30-year history in thermal inkjet technology to bring digitally controlled dispensing to life sciences. Digitally controlled dispensing ensures high accuracy and precision while providing convenience and simplicity to the end user. Volumes can be accurately controlled down to the picoliter range and can be customized for various applications, from drug delivery to reagent dispensing.  Electronic activation enables connected solutions which can provide feedback regarding therapeutic adherence to improve patient outcomes and provide data collection opportunities for labs and drug makers.

With over 450 microfluidic patents, Funai is looking to life sciences to bring this novel technology into the health care industry. Contact us to see how Funai can partner with you to develop your life science product application.

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Drug Delivery

Utilizing Funai thermal jetting technology, deliver highly accurate drug doses with a custom device.

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