Custom Development

Funai custom develops and manufactures microfluidic devices. With over 700 thermal microfluidic patents, Funai invents the technologies and processes required to bring our customers best-in-class devices. If existing technology does not fit the application needs, Funai’s in-house development processes ensure final delivery of the perfect product.  

Working with the Funai custom development team delivers personalized attention that is backed by a global technology company.

What can Funai develop for you?

What is a Microfluidic Device?

Microfluidic devices utilize semiconductor heaters to eject fluid droplets through nucleation, which is the primary driver of high-resolution inkjet printers. While inkjet is the most successful application of microfluidic devices, many fluids can be jetted with a thermal process.

Pharmaceuticals and Medications
Biochemical Reagents

Microscopic resistors superheat fluid, which creates a gas bubble. This gas bubble ejects an extremely small (micro) droplet of fluid that is very accurately and precisely placed relative to other droplets.

Funai provides boutique design treatment, yet our reach is global. Large or small, your development project needs to start somewhere:

Dedicated R&D team

Team your engineers with the best of Funai to ensure that the final design meets your exact specifications.

Application Review

Define your project and bring your product to life.

Product Selection

Determine the best solution for your application; select from an existing product or create a custom design.

Fluid Formulation/Stabilization

Formulate your own fluids but let Funai’s ink lab help optimize and stabilize your formulation.

Device Integration

Most jetting applications require more than just a cartridge, which is why Funai designs carriers, X-Y motion drives, and automated maintenance stations.

When it’s time to mass produce, Funai global supply chain is ready.

Wide angle shot of the funai complex.

Funai Lexington Research and Development Center

• 70k sq ft Facility
• 6k sq ft ISO7 Cleanroom

Funai Cebu Bottle Assembly Facility

• 375K sq ft Facility
• 36k sq ft ISO6 Cleanroom

Funai Cebu Circuit Assembly Facility

• 24k sq ft ISO7 Cleanroom

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