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MapleJet Announces Smart Automated Bulk Delivery System Utilizing Funai Zion Long-Throw Technology

The Hx Ultro Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Printer revolutionizes the printing process allowing millions of messages to print with only one bulk TIJ cartridge in an uninterrupted printing cycle. The printer has two models. Hx Ultro-HR is a high-resolution model with a standard throw distance designed for printing codes onto flexible packaging. It prints high-resolution codes, similar to TTO printers, and machine-readable and scannable 2D barcodes.

Hx Ultro-HT model has an extended throw distance with standard resolution targeted for production lines currently using CIJ printers requiring higher throw distance operating at high speed in continuous mode. This model can print at a higher throw distance from the substrate of up to a 10 mm gap, perfect for angled or recessed surfaces such as the bottom of cans and the shoulder of the bottle.

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